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This includes the highest quality 4K cameras, as well as a series of industry-leading processors, consoles, and hubs.


4DReplay provides time-slicing videos that showcase any-time, any-angle highlights with an unprecedented level of detail.

4DReplay provides time-slicing videos that showcase any-time, any-angle highlights with an unprecedented level of detail. We undertake planning, development and production of Toyota vehicles, mainly passenger cars ranging from high-end modeles.

Canada. We provide time-slicing…

4DReplay creates the highlight videos in 2.5 to 5 seconds, 4DReplay has worked in over  1,200 games around the world, in a variety of sports, 4DLive can live stream through cloud technology, 4DReplay captures videos in 4K and the processed video can be accessed in 4K as well, This experience provides unique perspectives on all the games. We create new products by utilizing our advanced technical strength, manufacturing capacity, and quality in the automotive, medical, and industrial fields, as well as personal devices including smartphones, tablets, and wearables. The fastest time-slice video production enables broadcasters and fans to experience our unobstructed view in near real-time. They specialized in developing a 4D video solution, comprised of a set of 4K cameras and video editing software. Interfaces for automobiles that enable free design of car dashboards, Interfaces for image display and diagnostic medical devices used in PACS (medical image management system), ultrasonic diagnostic medical devices, and mammography, Interfaces for a wide range of industrial applications including imaging, broadcasting and aerospace. 4dReplay is a highly advanced and easy-to-use four-dimensional time slice video production system.

SaaS, Android, Cloud Computing, Medical Device), Where the organization is headquartered (e.g. We develop, design, manufacture, and sell displays where it is necessary for the interface that deliver a lot of information at an instant and deliver it to the global market. The 4DReplay system provides an unprecedented viewing experience to sports fans, resulting in the benefits of more engagement. Nifco Inc. Holiday closing dates/Aug.8th-16th inclusive 2020/06/18 News Notice of Resolution of the 68th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders [38KB] 2020/06/09 News Notice of Convocation Annual General Meeting 2020 [471KB] 2020/04/08 News 【Extension】Tokyo Headquarters will be closed from March 31st-May 31st, 2020 2020/03/30 News

Here we integrate production and sales to devise and deliver continuously-evolving products. For the past 5 years, we have worked at 1,200+ events globally, teaming with major broadcasting companies, professional teams, and sports associations. Stay informed and spot emerging risks and opportunities with independent global reporting, expert

4DLive is a media technology that enables immersive viewing of sports events on a mobile device.

As the world's first interactive time-slice video production, 4DLive enables sports OTTs to provide an unprecedented viewing experience to their fans and subscribers.

Alongside these developments, there is increasing demand for new interfaces with high performance and improved design.

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San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley), Operating Status of Organization e.g. 23, JEONGJAIL-RO, BUNDANG-GU, SEONGNAM-SI, GYEONGGI-DO, 3-CHOME-6-4 HATCHOBORI CHUO CITY, TOKYO-TO 104-0032.

Japan Inc has found a new purpose for automation: business continuity in the uncertain era of Covid-19.

We are able to capture 4-Dimensional time-slice highlights through. 4DReplay Information Technology and Services San Francisco, California 203 followers We provide time-slicing videos that showcase any-time, any-angle highlights with an unprecedented level of detail. We create advanced 4-Dimensional Videos.

our top-of-the-line technology within 5 seconds. Since they are now a basic necessity for our daily lives, such as personal devices must be user-friendly and portable, with styling that blends into any scenario.

We provide an unprecedented viewing experience. Our aging society and the rise in lifestyle diseases have made it ever more important to prevent disease using visualization. Brazil. Chile. 昨日KDDIがIoTスタートアップのソラコムを買収したニュースは大きな話題となった。以前からスタートアップの買収や出資、共同開発に積極的だったKDDIだが、また新たなスタートアップとの協業を進める。, KDDIは8月3日、自由視点映像技術を活用したシステム「4D REPLAY」を提供する4D REPLAYに出資したことを明らかにした。この出資はグローバルブレインが運営する「KDDI Open Innovation Fund」を通じてのもので、金額は非公開。, 4D REPLAYは2012年に韓国研究所を設立したのが始まりで、現在はアメリカのサンノゼに本社を構えるスタートアップ。同社が開発するのは「自由視点映像」と呼ばれる、少数台のカメラで撮影した映像を元に、撮影されていないアングルの映像を生成することができる技術だ。以下の動画(特に開始30秒以降)をみればどんな映像が作れるか分かるだろう。, これまでも韓国のプロ野球やWBC(ワールドベースボールクラシック)の中継で自由視点映像を提供してきた実績がある。今後はスポーツ会場の大型ビジョンや家庭用テレビで映像を提供することに加え、スマホやタブレット上でユーザーが任意の視点でライブ映像を楽しめるサービスを目指す。, KDDIもこれまで自社で自由視点映像の研究に取り組んできた。今回5~10秒という短い処理時間で映像生成できる技術を持つ4D REPLAYへの出資を通じて、この分野での研究開発を進めていく方針だ。加えて日本国内における法人顧客の開拓やサービス開発もサポートしていくという。, また国内での4D REPLAYを活用した初の事例として、8月5日と6日に札幌ドームで行われる北海道日本ハムファイターズvs.オリックス・バファローズの映像を撮影する。映像は同球場の大型ビジョンとCS放送で放映されるほか、スポーツメディア「SPORTS BULL」でアーカイブ配信される予定だ。. Development, design, manufacturing, and sales.

Interfaces for multi-function devices such as smartphones and wearables.

We provide an unprecedented viewing experience. 4DReplay provides time-slicing videos that showcase any-time, any-angle highlights with an unprecedented level of detail.

4DREPLAY is a media technology company that brings multi angle highlights to a variety of professional sports, movies, and events. ESPN/NBA/MLB 등 해외 주요 기업에 4DReplay 서비스 제공 Popular Codes. commentary and analysis you can trust.

Here we offer products for various fields including automotive, wearables, and medical. 4DReplay Interactive System 개발 2018. We have created high resolution, high contrast, and sensitive image displays using IPS (In-Plane Switching) liquid crystal and LTPS (Low-Temperature Polysilicon) technology that enable medical professionals to discover lesions and make accurate judgments quickly. 4DReplay Japan, Chuo. Locate the correct postal codes for Japan in the list above by clicking the destination region you are sending to. TOYOTA MOTOR EAST JAPAN, INC. has been at the core of the Toyota group, serving as a key base for development and production. PlayStation 4でPlayStation 5のタイトルをリモートプレイするアプリ 2020年11月11日 新型MacBook AirはApple M1を搭載しバッテリー効率向上、10万4800円から 4DREPLAY is a media technology company that brings multi angle highlights to a variety of professional sports, movies, and events. !function(d,s,id){var js,fjs=d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],p=/^http:/.test(d.location)?

We create advanced 4-Dimensional Videos. We have achieved high definition and low power consumption using this technology, creating new devices such as displays and sensors. Here we catch the latest ideas and technological trends and work with our customers to realize products that open up new possibilities for life.

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