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Hence known as the Fast Skilled Sniper (迅速技狙撃兵, Jinsoku Waza Sogekihei).

The S Terror/The Maid Detective Witnessed It! HeatJoker (ヒートジョーカー, Hīto Jōkā) is the first Half Change form used by Double when he appears in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker. Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie War Ultimatum. As the Fang Memory was designed for Philip, his and Shotaro's roles as Double are reversed in FangJoker, with Shotaro's consciousness transferred into Philip's body for the transformation, Double's left eye flashes whenever Shotaro speaks. This fate, however, was rendered moot when the Rider Robo was finally destroyed by Shurikenjin Tridoron, restoring Double's place in history. However, Double is not the first Rider that involves more than one individual to transform, as he is predated by. 36 Round Gokai Change!!

Double has access to his three primary forms, with the Half Changes merely being cosmetic alterations (ex. Super Sentai).

Shroud states that Ryu's hatred and rage is needed for Double to fight at its full potential. This form's finisher is the Fang Strizer (ファングストライザー, Fangu Sutoraizā): A flying roundhouse kick with the Maximum Saber in which a projection of the Fang Memory's head is shown "biting" the opponent when Double comes in contact while forming a projection of the English Letter F. This can be used in combination with Kamen Rider Accel's Accel Glanzer to perform the Rider Twin Maximum (ライダーツインマキシマム, Raidā Tsuin Makishimamu).

Daburu Saikuron Jōkā Ekustorīmu Raidowotchi. Double uses this form again in Movie War Core to finish off Kamen Rider Core with Kamen Rider OOO Tajadol Combo. Kamen Rider Double's forms accessed through their first six Gaia Memories are known as Half Changes (ハーフチェンジ, Hāfu Chenji), due to the fact that Double can switch out one (or both) Gaia Memories in the belt in a Memory Change (メモリチェンジ, Memori Chenji) to change forms. FangJoker (ファングジョーカー, Fangu Jōkā) is a white and black form that Double uses to escape from Philip's captors during the events of the Begins Night as seen in Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider W & Decade: Movie War 2010. Kamen Rider Double reappeared in Kamen Rider: Battride War Genesis. It is colored red and black form accessed from the Heat and Joker Memories, hence known as the Hot Skilled Warrior (暑い技戦士, Atsui Waza Senshi). After battling the Badan Empire, Hongo stated that their battle wasn't over as the Rider War continues. W Ridewatch (ダブルライドウォッチ, Daburu Raidowotchi):[15] Based on Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker, this Ridewatch provides access to the WArmor used by Zi-O. Kamen Rider Double is one of the Kamen Riders who appeared in the crossover universe of Super Hero Generation, which included characters from the Mobile Suit Gundam and Ultraman universes.

Shotaro and Philip arrive soon after at Eiji's request, aiding Gentaro Kisaragi in his attempt to stop Super GingaOh from completing his plans, staying behind to hold off some of Foundation X's goons. Type HIGH SPEED! Neverending Story, Shotaro as he appears in Kamen Rider Taisen. If their synchronization is somehow disrupted, Kamen Rider Double will be unable to move properly. An iteration of Double is summoned by Genm via his activation of the Ganbarizing Gashat.Legend Gamer Stage, Among the first 18 Heisei Riders, Double fought against numerous monsters in a melee briefly witnessed by Sento Kiryu before being caught in the crossfire as Kamen Rider Zi-O BuildArmor used his Vortex Time Break to wipe out his enemies.

Number of Episode Appearances: Shotaro finds members of Foundation X attempting to steal away a container holding SOLU and prepares to transform into Double. CycloneJoker (サイクロンジョーカー, Saikuron Jōkā) is the primary and default form used by Double, first seen in All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker and the first form utilized within the television series.

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